Ever thought you had that winning idea for a film or television show? Just like American Idol auditions, this interactive panel will allow you to take your best shot pitching to our panel of industry professionals—then they'll evaluate your technique, style and content. Offering up helpful pointers to set you on your way to stardom, we promise they'll be nicer than Simon Cowell. This panel was standing room only at last year's festival!


  • J. Todd Harris, President of Production, Intellectual Properties Worldwide


  • Marc Halperin, Co-President, Magic Lamp Releasing
  • Steve Shor, independent producer
  • DJ Paul, Ocelot Pitcutes
  • Kimberly Shane O'Hara, independent producer
  • Melanie Truhett, independent producer




With the advent of new technologies comes a wealth of opportunities for the independent filmmaker. Where once the goal was to land a theatrical distribution deal, these days filmmakers may choose to seek alternative means of distribution. Some companies, like Magnolia and IFC, are experimenting with closing the window between theatrical and DVD and on-demand releases. Other companies, like Wellspring (at the behest of corporate owners the Weinstein Company) are closing theatrical divisions outright to focus exclusively on DVD. How can independent companies remain competitive in this new climate? With Wellspring getting sprung — will more small companies follow suit? Is our shared theater experience doomed to suffer the fate of the Nickelodeon?


  • Joel S. Bachar, Founder, MicroCinema International


  • Marisa Kaselica, former Director, National Sales & Marketing, Wellspring
  • Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, Netflix
  • Mark Poggi, Senior Content Manager, Netflix
  • Jonathan Marlow, Director of Content Acquisitions, GreenCine
  • Houston King, Goodbye Cruel Releasing

…and representatives from Google Video and Without A Box's new direct sales/distribution division.




Whether conquering the challenges of shooting a live cabaret film, examining a failed campaign to resuscitate a dormant Best Musical Oscar category, tackling unique problems associated with creating the period look and sound of a 70s rock band, or utilizing film and television's power to market music for a record label, this panel explores the opportunities, difficulties and creativity in matching film and music.


  • Dan Mirvish, director (OPEN HOUSE: THE MUSICAL)
  • Zalman King (DANCE WITH THE DEVIL)
  • Ben Fong-Torres, Rolling Stone
  • Brad Kimmel, writer/director (NOVEM)
  • Mack Hill, VP of Film, TV & Advertising, Sony Music
  • Scott Sampler, music video director



[NB: The above lists of panelists are based on information from the Program Guide published in advance of the Festival, and may not fully reflect the actual presenters.]

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