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DSC_0193_copy_Carlos_B_Prikitii_Orlando_A_1.jpegThe Host Family Program is an integral part of the Sonoma International Film Festival and plays a vital role in the ongoing sucess of the Festival. Every year we house upwards of 200 out-of-town filmmakers, jurors, film critics and other guests, which simply wouldn't be possible without the generosity and hospitality of the Sonoma community.

As our budget for hotel rooms is minimal, most of our out-of-town guests stay in guest suites, guest cottages and vacation rental properties within Sonoma and the surrounding area, including Kenwood and Glen Ellen.

Our next Film Festival runs from April 2 to 6, 2014. Most guests are not able to attend the entire Festival and stay between two and four nights, although very quick visits of one night and full-festival visits of five nights are not unheard of.

Here are answers to some frequently-asked questions about the Host Family Program:

How are guests matched with hosts?

Matching guests with the hosts is a personal and hands-on process. We compare your completed questionnaires with similar forms given to our guests, to create the best matches based on needs and expectations, along with such practical matters as the number of beds required, pet allergies and whether or not the guests have their own car.

When when you let us know who is staying with us?

Once our film program is confirmed in late March, our Housing Coordinator will create initial matches and send an introduction via e-mail to both guests and host families, along with Google Map directions to your property.

We make every effort to keep our host families informed and try not to cause any complications in scheduling. Sometimes there are unexpected cancellations and substitutions may occur right up until the Festival begins. We thank you in advance for your patience and flexibilty!

Am I expected to feed or entertain my guests?

Although we certainly hope you will enjoy interacting with your guests, it is not your responsibility to feed and entertain them. There will be many Festival events to keep them entertained, at which they will be able to sample local cuisine and enjoy fine Sonoma wines courtesy of participating wineries and our many Food & Beverage Partners.

If I sign up to host, will my housing definitely be used?

Not necessarily. Although we make every effort to place guests into all our accommodations, occasionally we are unable to match guests with every offer of accommodations. If your housing is not going to be used, we will do our best to let you know at our earliest opportunity.

For more information, please contact Housing Coordinator
Steve Martindale at steve@sonomafilmfest.org.

If you would like to participate in our Host Family Program,
please complete our online Host Family Questionnaire.

Also see How to Host a Filmmaker, Juror or Critic at Sonoma Film Fest

Thank you for your hospitality and support!

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