Sonoma International Film Festival

Monthly Cinema Series

A missing scion. A lost film. A dark secret.

Named "Outstanding Investigative Documentary"
at the 2011 Sonoma International Film Festival

Search for Michael Rockefeller
Tuesday, January 10

Reception at 6:00 pm
Film starts at 7:00 pm
at Murphy's Pub

Tickets: $15 (which includes film & drink).
Seating is limited, so get your tickets early!
Table and menu service available before and during the film. 

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The dramatic documentary film of Milt Machlin's expedition in search of the young scion who disappeared in the Stone Age world of New Guinea.

The disappearance of Michael Rockefeller is one of the enduring unsolved mysteries of the 20th Century. In 1961, Michael Rockefeller left on a voyage down the cannibal coast of New Guinea in a trading canoe. Several miles off shore, heavy seas swamped his craft. After a night adrift, Rockefeller set out to swim for the distant shore, leaving his companion with the fateful words: "I think I can make it..."  He was never seen again. Despite a massive air-sea search, headed by Governor Nelson Rockefeller and the Dutch and Australian navies, no trace of young Rockefeller was ever found.

Until October 29, 1968, when Milt Machlin, editor of Argosy Magazine, was approached in his Argosy offices by a nefarious Australian smuggler calling himself “John Donahue”, with a startling question: "What would you say if I told you I saw Michael Rockefeller alive, not ten weeks ago?"

Donahue spun for the hard-bitten editor a tale of mystery and adventure, which, if true, meant that Michael had somehow survived among the cannibals in the wilderness of New Guinea. With the cryptic clues given him by Donahue, his reporter’s intuition, and the name of an island that wasn’t even on the map, Milt set off for New Guinea to discover the truth for himself, and to find Michael Rockefeller, dead or alive.

Milt’s odyssey took him from the Trobriands to the Sepik and May rivers, the New Guinea highlands, the Asmat coast, and eventually as far as Holland, in his quest for the truth. While Milt did not find Michael Rockefeller, what he found instead was a great story, and helped to solve the mystery about one of the most unsettling vanishings ever to have obsessed the nation.


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