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Posted - 02/19/2014 11:44pm
Meet Alfredo

Hi there,
My name is Alfredo and I’m back in Sonoma. After experiencing the film festival for the first time last year I fell in love and I actually did everything in my power* to come back this year.
This time around I get the chance to be more involved with it, I guess you could say my life actually revolves around the festival these days (no complaints here!).
I get to see the films (some good, some not so much) beforehand to make sure that all of you who are part of the festival get to see the very best of what SIFF has to offer.
As the film festival approaches I can’t help but feel excited. This being my second year in a row attending the festival I like to think I know what to expect. However the Sonoma International Film Festival is an ever changing coalition of the best wines in the country, amazing food and great company. So you can’t really know what’s coming, you just have to let go and enjoy the ride.
Having said that there are a few pointers I’d like to share. First of all I would recommend you buy your passes early and figure out which events you want to be a part of. The opening and closing nights are of course a must, but I find that all that happens in between is the real essence of the festival, so be sure to check out the events as they become available and get your passes ASAP!

- Alfredo.
Programming / Traffic Assistant.

*Special thanks to Claudia Mendoza for helping me make this happen.
*I hope Kevin doesn’t mind me playing with his very cool director’s megaphone.


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